Short-term Study

What you'll learn

Short-term Study Program

Key Benefits

Experience British elite education

Come to the UK to experience the atmosphere of British independent schools in depth.

Improve Language

The immersive environment means that learning continues outside of the classroom.


Students have a chance to make their own decisions and organise their own time – a great learning experience.

Frequently Q&A

Attending Short-term Study is an excellent way to develop skills for future success. Students can build on their existing interests and strengths through academic study, sports, music, and other extracurricular activities. They can also explore new areas and take on fresh challenges. In addition to honing their current abilities, they can acquire soft skills like collaboration, leadership, and independent thinking, all of which are highly valued by both admissions teams and employers.
Furthermore, Short-term Study provide a fun and relaxing environment. Given the challenges that students worldwide have faced, it is important that they have time to unwind and decompress. Spending time with peers and like-minded individuals, with access to a variety of facilities and activities, is an ideal way to achieve this.

With the highly experienced staff that run the camps, parents can rest assured that their children will be well looked after. Professional experts will be on hand to supervise the new skills and challenges and there is often a team of young mentors who are around to encourage everyone to take part and be a friendly face.

Attending a Short-term Study Program is a strong indication of a student's willingness to learn and explore new things, characteristics that universities often value. By participating in academic classes and engaging in activities in a residential setting, students can demonstrate their eagerness to learn and distinguish themselves from their peers. The Short-term Study Program also equips students with various skills that can prove advantageous during an admissions interview. Additionally, spending part of their holidays studying, meeting people from around the world, and immersing themselves in different cultures can be a rewarding experience.

With a range of locations comes an abundance of possible activities. Most Short-term Study Program specialise in a particular area so you should have a clear idea of what your child would like to achieve before deciding which Short-term Study Program they are going to attend. Much like when deciding which school they will attend, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

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