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VVIP Individual Tutoring
Service Introduction

The VVIP courses are individually tailored to the specific needs and requests of each student. The VVIP courses are essential divided into two parts: Examination Preparation Course and Academic Development Course. The Academic Development Course has two aims: transitional preparation and orientational strengthen. The Examination Preparation Course also has two aims: long-term preparation and short-term sprint.


Examination Preparation

Examination Preparation involves both long-term and short-term planning

Designed for students who are planning to apply or interested in studying abroad, with a focus on long-term test preparation strategies for UKiset, CAT4, ISEB, entrance exams and interviews.
Designed for students who are in the process of applying and are approaching the exams, with a focus on help candidates achieve higher marks through intense exercise with mock exams and past papers.

Academic Improvement

The Academic Improvement involves preparation for transition and targeted development.

Preparation targets students who have already been admitted to British Independent schools, and those who have a clear picture of pursuing their education abroad. The courses are designed to help these students gain language and subject-specific skills which allow them to quickly adapt to the British education environment, its learning contents and approaches.

Targeted development Curriculum is suitable for both students attending bilingual or international schools, and those who are currently enrolled in a British school yet still intend to join customized tutorial in certain subjects or skills. Other students interested in experiencing British-style teaching and learning are also welcomed to join the course.

High-quality teachers
more professional and more secure

The tutoring team is under inspection by the supervisors and inspectors, who regularly arrange meetings and training for teaching and improvements. Many of them studied in top independent schools including St Paul’s School, Harrow School, Eton College, and graduated from top universities such as University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and University College London.

Many BBEVA tutors are current or former teachers with rich experience in reputable schools and private tutoring

Curriculum Features


The course content and progress will be tailored to the individual student's circumstances to ensure optimal results.

High Quality Teaching

All teachers in BBEVA aresuitably qualified and will haveexperience in preparingstudents for entry to BritishIndependent Schools.

Progress Reports

Progress is tracked rigorously andall parents and students will receivemonthly, quarterly and annualassessments and reports.

Exclusive Resources

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Flexible Service

Personal Academic Consultant & Quick responsetime Priority lesson booking
Flexible course adjustmenton demand.

VVIP Service Process


Creating exclusive profile

A professional assessment test for each student which provides a detailed evaluation report.


Matching outstanding tutors

Individual Learning Plans will be designed by professional and experienced teachers to meet the needs of each student


Course Tracking

The progress of lessons will be monitored and regular tests will be conducted to restructure the learning plan and tackle studying difficulties.

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