Independent Schools

Strength of UK independent school education

Range of schools

There are nearly 3,000 private schools across the UK
Includes primary and secondary schools, day and boarding schools

Quality elite education

Influenced by a centuries old history and culture, but driven by up to date resources they offer the best of both worlds.

Small class size
Small classes with individual teaching
Universities admissions
The admission rate of independent school students to top UK universities is much higher than that of public school students
Cultivation of all-round ability
Flexible curriculum setting to ensure the development of comprehensive quality
Meticulous boarding care

A- well fare of pupils is the priority of boarding schools and ensures outstanding support for all pupils.

Bridging British Education Virtual Academy

Provide high-quality British elite education for families around the world.

Based in London, UK, BBEVA is a specialist in the field of UK education advice and services, with a team of professional and experienced advisors and tutors, providing families and students from all over the world with a full range of study planning and study solutions for private primary and secondary schools in the UK, with long-term follow-up at every stage
from school application advice to successful graduation, allowing you to save time and effort while optimising your childʼs study experience.

BBEVA has a long-standing relationship with top independent prep and secondary schools in the UK. Part of our courses has gain recognition from schools as preparation before enrolment, and many of our students choose to continue studying with BBEVA after their enrolment during their holidays.

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General FAQs

When should I send my child abroad?

Firstly, it is important to note that primary and secondary schools in the UK generally require applications 1-2 years in advance, and even longer for some top schools where places are tight. The timeframes mentioned above are for entry, so applications will need to be made 1-2 years in advance of this. The timing of each year of study abroad will vary depending on the expectations of the parents and the specific reasons for going abroad. It also depends on the child's personality. You can consult a BBEVA Education consultant to help you plan your study abroad.

How to choose a school

Reference to the school's history and location, the school's distinctive strengths; Refer to the school's public examination results and Oxbridge enrolment rates, and the percentage of international students. You can consult a BBEVA Education Adviser for a pack of information such as the 'International Education Selection Guide'.

Can students from non-native English speaking countries who have been studying in the UK for several years be exempted from the IELTS test when applying to university?

Each university has different English language requirements, and students who meet the criteria are exempt from having to prove their IELTS test results. Specific criteria can be found by consulting a BBEVA education consultant for free advice.

What are the advantages of studying in the UK at a younger age for future entry into a UK university?

For children's future education, enrolling in a British private school as soon as possible will bring great advantages.
1) Language advantages; the English communication environment for young students studying abroad will bring children closer to the level of their native English.
2) Advantages in subject knowledge base; early admission to British schools helps to lay down the knowledge of basic subjects, and can adapt faster when entering university.
3) Advantages of experience in extracurricular activities; in addition to academic performance, British universities also value the performance of extracurricular activities when enrolling students. Children in British private schools can have more choices of extracurricular activities, including the cultivation of art and sports, participation in extracurricular competitions, community service activities, charity volunteering activities and so on.
4) Advantages of cultural adaptability; British society is diverse and inclusive, and the comprehensive advantages cultivated are more likely to be recognized by admissions officers.
5) Advantages of social networking; the good teachers and helpful friends that children make in and out of school will become lifelong wealth, and even have the opportunity to receive a letter of recommendation from an important advisor, which will play a huge role in applying for universities and in the broader future.

How can you use study abroad to really improve your competitiveness?

Participate in campus activities to integrate with the local community and broaden your international perspective; communicate more with locals to improve your language skills; think positively during your studies to improve your independent problem-solving skills.

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