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Bridging British Education Virtual Academy (BBEVA) is affiliated with UK Double Wings International Ltd. The academy aims to provide high-quality, British-style education to students whose first language is not English.

Over the years, we helped pupils from families in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and assisting them to secure place in top independent school in the UK.


Bringing British Elite Education
To Every Family

Our Best Strengths

Curriculum R&D
Outstanding Tutors
Bespoke Services
BBEVA is a global international education provider and a leader in its field
We offer:
  • Specialized international education curriculum system designed for EAL students.
  • Professional educational consultancy
  • Comprehensive support and feedback
  • Bespoke preparation for entry to UK independent schools and universities
  • Tutoring to pupils of all ages up to university entry level.
  • Hi-tech teaching platform and excellent resources.

Why People Choose Us for Elite Education ?

The BBEVA curriculum, based on the British National Curriculum, is developed by our Chinese and British teaching and research team. We aim to develop students' ability to think logically and learn independently, consolidate their academic language skills and broaden their international perspectives.

Our most popular categories

Comprehensive Education

STEM Foundation
Arts Literacy

Language Education

EAL English
Other Languages
Critical Thinking & Debating
Reading & Writing

VVIP One-to-One Courses

Examination Preparation
Academic Improvement
Tailor-made Course

School Placement

Independent Schools
( 4~18 Years ) Foundation/Undergraduate

Cooperation Programme

Cooperative Running
Joint Development
Business Empowerment


Bringing British Elite Education
To Every Family

At the BBEVA, we believe that the power of knowledge can change attitudes, people and society – for the world. Our goal is to produce and share high-impact knowledge that contributes to solving global challenges affecting us all. See how our students make an impact.

Experts in International
Elite Education Consulting

The Experts in International Elite Education consultancy, offering expert guidance in the UK and worldwide.



BBEVA Expert Advisor
Senior British experts guide
escort for international education

Chris Davies

Headmaster of BBEVA

Chief Adviser of the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS) Over 40 years of experience in education


Peter Martin

Deputy Headmaster of BBEVA

School-management experience as the headmaster of top secondary schools in the UK. Over 40 years of teaching and school-management experience


The BBEVA International Comprehensive courses are based on the concept of a “quality education” and "future-oriented" curriculum, designed to improve children's knowledge and skills in English, humanities, and science. 

Meet Our Best Teachers

The tutoring team is under inspection by the supervisors and inspectors, who regularly arrange meetings and training for teaching and improvements.
Many of them studied in top independent schools including St Paul's School, Harrow School, Eton College, and graduated from top universities such as University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and University College London.
Many BBEVA tutors are current or former teachers with rich experience in reputable schools and private tutoring.

Sam Gillett

Sam is a patient and invested tutor, who specialises in teaching English and Maths from KS1 to A-Level.


Helen is a UK QTS qualified teacher with international TEFL teaching qualification.


Roxana is a highly experienced and qualified educator with almost 25 years of teaching experience.


Stephen is a qualified physics teacher and has been teaching Physics for GCSEs, A level and BTEC since 1991.

Admitted School Display

Over the years, the company has helped children from families in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and many other places get into top independent schools in the UK.


BBEVA has been recognized and recommended by countless parents for its professional service and responsible service attitude.

"My child is really enjoying the course. I am also learning a lot of from the class recordings and homework."


Ross's mother

Minor language | VVIP

"I really hoped my son could be admitted to Harrow, and so he did . Thank you for your guidance and help!"


Jason's mother

Entry-prep Course

“Math, science, history, and geography are the most interesting times for children between the ages of 6 and 7, and they are willing to actively explore and learn while they are here. Mark achieves twice the effect with half the effort.

Mark's father

STEM / Math | VVIP

“I love the way the science lessons are taught, it greatly enhances the children's enthusiasm for learning. This teacher is really great, has a good control of the pace and attitude of the children, friendly and organized, and these kids are great. My child's overall ability has been greatly improved, and I sincerely thank the staff for providing us with such a great platform. Thank you to all the teachers and students as well.”

Erickson's mother

STEM | Minor language