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BBEVA's Main Business​​

Bridging British Education Virtual Academy (BBEVA) is affiliated with UK Double Wings International Ltd. The academy aims to provide high-quality, British-style education to students whose first language is not English.

BBEVA offers both one-to-many small class teaching and one-to-one customized tutoring, and is fully committed to creating two curriculums for different family needs:
the Comprehensive Quality Education Program and the VVIP Program, covering the entire school age range from 4 to 18 years old, with different options to meet different family needs.
We help students develop lifelong language and independent learning skills and future leadership skills through immersion and systematic learning, helping children to grow into international talents with comprehensive literacy.

BBEVA's Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) customized curriculum is based on customization and collaborative development, bringing unlimited possibilities for cross-curricular teaching. Based on the needs of our partners, BBEVA's teaching team will design creative and thematically focused courseware, recommend experienced British tutors to teach the lessons, and collaborate with offline teaching assistants to create a fun and interesting program that allows students to achieve two things in a limited amount of time.

BBEVA has a long-standing relationship with independent schools in the UK, and our education consulting team provides a full range of private school counseling services with extensive experience. Together with precise and efficient counseling by senior tutors, we help children prepare for various entrance exams and interviews. Our in-depth consultation system of "Strengths Questionnaire + Background Interview + Vision Design" helps students to plan the best pathway to apply to top schools; we lead a team of UK university teachers and PhDs who have been working together for many years and have helped hundreds of students to successfully enter top UK universities.


Rich Experience

Based on our years of experience providing quality education to international students, our curriculum and course contents are closely aligned with those at international schools around the world and independent schools in English- speaking countries.

Systematic Operation

We provide one-stop management solutions for education consulting, teaching and research, teacher management and content design to help partners gain higher returns on lower assets.

Standardised management

We are experts of front office customer services as well as internal coordination and technical support through standardised management of teaching, service training, and human resource.

Strong academic support

Based on the British National Curriculum, we incorporate the syllabus of top independent schools and provide courses in a wide range of subjects. Our team of tutors and educational researchers are dedicated to the development and continuous updates of the curriculum to ensure quality teaching.


Cooperation Modes

Diversified realization of cooperation Fully satisfy the needs of business partners Empower the education industry
To create greater value


• Introducing BBEVA’s courses, curriculum,services and our team of reputable tutors into the partner’s business.
• Optimising the partner’s in-house educational
• Expanding the partner’s services, integrating educational resources from both parties, and constructing a more resilient supply chain.

Suitable Partners

• Institutes that are looking for changes in teaching system, tools and equipment
• Whose current ones are unable to meet the needs of high-standard education

  • Providing multifarious kinds of solutions for new businesses.
  • All-rounded instruction and support for starting up and operation.
  • Long-term support in training,course operation, and teacher management.
Suitable Partners
  • Organisations and individuals looking for investment opportunities
  • As well as educational institutions (such as bilingual schools and international schools) that have the resources and ability to expand their educational services.
  • Expanding new categories to partner’s courses and broadening customer base.
  • Enhancing brand image and customer bonding.
Suitable Partners

Suitable for institutions whose current business does not include or focuses less on language education, but already with mature teaching system and a large number of students, of which some are looking for learning opportunities in niche subjects.

Cooperation Process

Communication Consultation

At an early stage, both sides will discuss the project and confirm cooperation details based on mutual understanding.

Reaching an Agreement

After signing the contract, BBEVA will provide training and instruction during the trial period.

Operational Support

We will assist continuously and share our teaching experience, in order to achieve a win-win cooperation.

Want to have top international teachers and resources?

Cooperate with BBEVA to create a new chapter in international education!

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