Comprehensive Courses

International Comprehensive Education Courses

The BBEVA International Comprehensive courses are based on the
concept of a “quality education” and "future-oriented" curriculum,
designed to improve children's knowledge and skills in English,
humanities, and science.

BBEVA's courses are taught in small classes. Each student will be given a professional placement test, based on the assessment report, a standardized lesson plan and teaching materials will be provided, with small classes, fixed teachers, fixed classes, and fixed learning periods accordingly.

Language and Literature Series

We believe that language is the most powerful knowledge one can use to integrate into new environments and learn about other cultures.Targeted teaching and training will make learning more effective.

STEM Foundation

We use STEM education to teach students soft skills they will need as they grow. Problem-solving, critical and creative thinking as well as teamwork are only a few of the proficiencies we impart through our courses.


Humanities course aims to stimulate children's curiosity about the world, the future as well as the past, develop their critical thinking skills, encourage them to formulate their own opinions about real-life phenomena.

Arts Literacy Course

BBEVA's Integrated Art Literacy module is designed to help students understand, appreciate and create quality art. The fields involved include color and modern art, design and technology, music, drama, architecture, etc.

Multi-faceted support for children
realize all-round development in the true sense

The international comprehensive quality education course is based on English, and cultivates children's lifelong language and independent learning ability, subject thinking ability, character ability and future leadership, and helps children gradually grow into international talents with comprehensive qualities.

Provide high-quality British elite education for families around the world.

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